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About Assumptions and Acquisitions

1 year, 12 months ago

The PC market is in a tailspin and many companies have to announce very poor results – and yet, we also have some winners. AMD is definitely not among them, a mass layoff looms on the horizon. And, again, take-over rumors are circulating.

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About Memristors and Other Cannibals

2 years ago

The back to school season starts with many new processors, although IBM's large server chips probably don't have much to do with the end of the holidays. And there are going to be a few delays – maybe with AMD's Steamroller and for sure with HP's memristor. They are out now: Intel's new Atom processors Z2670 for tablets with the Clover Trail platform including Clover View 2 processor, AMD's Trinity APUs for desktop PCs and, in the high-end sector, IBM's Power7+. Intel's Z2670 hasn't really outed itself though – as a pure OEM product it mostly remains a black box for the general public: no entry in the Intel database, no data sheets, no specification updates, no details on the inner workings, nothing about TDP, number of transistors, die size and so on. Well, the latter will surely soon get measured by the company Chipworks, after they have torn the chip down, like they already did with its predecessor, the Atom Z2460 (Medfield platform with Penwell-1 processor), for which they reported a modest surface area of 63.4mm².

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