SCC Guidelines

Rules for Participation

  • Each competition committee should provide one or multiple Power Distribution Unit(s) (PDU) and a PDU monitoring system with interval polling not to exceed 1 seconds. 
  • Teams are not allowed to change the time on their systems during the benchmarking period.
  • Teams can submit only one run at a time. Once the run is complete, the judge(s) must be notified within 5 minutes.
  • Modifying the HPL output is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • The machine(s) power usage must not exceed 3000 watts for any part of the run.
  • The benchmark judge(s) will assess the run based on its length in comparison with the PDU monitoring data.
  • The benchmark judge(s) will validate that the run has not exceeded 3000 watts and that the run correlates with the time result of the benchmark. Only then will the run be considered valid.
  • Each competition committee can add rules and procedures to this core set of rules if the additional rules are published with the top score and do not contradict this core set of rules.


Each competition committee should use the to submit the results of the cluster teams.

Please use the comments field to make it clear that the results should not go into the regular TOP500 database (e.g. "SCC at SC17").

In submission please use these mappings to create consistency:

  • Competition Name -> Site Name
  • Team Name/Cluster Information -> System
  • Team HPL Number - > Submissions

For the purposes of entering power usage you may use 3000 watts.


Team – A Student Cluster Competition team that is made up of students who have not yet completed a bachelors degree.

Machine – A Student Cluster Competition team’s HPC cluster.

Competition Committee – The organization that puts on the Student Cluster Competition (e.g. “ISC Student Cluster Competition Committee”).

Benchmark Judge – A person from the competition committee that is overseeing all benchmarking.