National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou

Name: National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou
Description: The establishment of the Super Computer Center in Guangzhou (SCC-GZ) was approved by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. SCC-GZ is a significant high-performance computing facility for research. SCC-GZ is also sponsored by the Government of Guangdong province. The mission of SCC-GZ is to accelerate the development of the economy, education and industry in the area of Guangdong province and the Southern China by providing high-performance computing, information, data, and communication services. TH-1A system, which was built and installed in SCC-GZ, will be an important provider of high performance computing services to the Science Programs – Weather forecast, Biological and Environmental Research, and Advanced Scientific Computing Research.
City: Guangzhou
Country: China


Name Installation Date Vendor
Tianhe-2A - TH-IVB-FEP Cluster, Intel Xeon E5-2692v2 12C 2.2GHz, TH Express-2, Matrix-2000 Jan. 1, 2018 NUDT,
Tianhe-1A Guangzhou Solution - NUDT YH MPP, Xeon X56xx (Westmere-EP) 2.93 GHz, Proprietary Jan. 6, 2012 NUDT,